Our Mission

At JAREN Solar Solutions our mission is simple, SAVE YOU MONEY! Our method of achieving our objective is by simply combining four steps:

flow chart.jpg

1. Identify - By identifying the wasted energy in your home we can instantly begin the savings! It's as easy as a quick walk around your house, apartment or place of business to identify where any waste may be occurring. 

2. Control - This is where the real work begins. We simply apply methods to your existing electrical installation in the form of effective equipment, such as LED lighting options and timers on certain appliances, to make sure they are only working as and when they are required - effectively eliminating wasted consumption.

3. Generate - Now that we have measures in place to reduce usage, we can start to generate our own energy on your custom designed solar PV system. This method is where we see the real value of the JAREN solar solutions installation. Using Solar PV panels bought from our CANADIAN supplier "Canadian Solar", after the initial installation costs the real savings begin to mount. As part of the JAREN service, we provide the organization of the required local permitting, a lifetime guarantee on workmanship plus arrangement for the local authority to install a bi-directional meter, which "sells" energy back to your provider. There is no need to change providers!

4. Sustain - By "selling" energy back to your provider we can sustain savings year round! How we can achieve this is far simpler than you may initially assume. Generation is highest in the summer months due to the bonus of extended solar exposure on the solar panels, which are normally mounted on the roof of your property (JAREN can also work with you to find alternative mounting options).

What our "Direct to Grid" system provides is not only a BATTERY BANK FREE installation but also an easy method of building credits with your energy provider. These credits are automatically applied to your bill, and through the less productive winter months, are used as currency to pay for any usage you consume. To coin an old phrase "make hay whilst the sun shines!"