Q: Can I do windows and siding in the winter months?
A: YES, we do installations of windows , doors and siding year round.

Q: Do I have to do windows, doors and siding replacement at all once?
A: No. Doing everything at once might exceed most budgets so if that is the situation, we recommend doing it in stages.

Q: What should be done first, windows & doors or siding?
A: Definitely windows first because they are your number one heat loss in winter. Buying positive energy rated windows, such as Galaxy Windows, will give you a tremendous amount of solar gain in the winter which will save you money on your heating bill.

Q: Should I buy dual or triple pane windows?
A: Triple pane windows without a doubt! We live in Canada where the winters are very harsh and triple pane windows will give you a higher R value which means the glass will be warmer on the inside thus reducing or totally eliminating condensation problems.

Q: Are there different qualities of vinyl siding?
A: Frankly no. When purchasing siding it is all about the application. Make sure the installer know what they are doing.

Q: Which is better, vinyl siding or Hardie Board?
A: This is a customer preference and budget driven. Vinyl is more economical than Hardie Board.

Q: Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A: Yes we are, please feel free to go online to www.bbb.org to see our rating. We are also fully licensed, insured , bonded and carry WCB.